Assignment #2 - Pano Planning

  • Find a pano for a patient with posterior missing mandibular tooth.
  • Find the IA canal and the mental foramen.
  • Outline the nerve canal.
  • Outline the Mental Foramen including the anterior loop.
  • Measure the vertical space available for implant placement and mark it on the pano.
  • Measure the mesio-distal space available and mark it on the pano.
  • Draw in the implant size you would use.

I like to do the measurements within the pano software itself. Then I export it to a simple editing software like PAINT or powerpoint or keynote to mark it up. You can also just print out the pano and draw on it, but you should use a millimeter ruler to make sure your measurements are accurate.

I've attached an example as a PDF below :)

Share it!

After you have finished making your tracings and drawing in the implant, screenshot or scan your image. Post it up on Instagram using the hashtag #implantninja101

You'll be sharing it with others who are taking the taking the course. You'll be able to check out their work and get feedback from your peers!

If you prefer to keep it private, that's okay too! Just make sure to do the exercise and keep your progress recorded in a safe folder.

Implant Pano Ninja Education.pdf